Watch an Astounding Video of a Last of Us Clicker Cake Being Cut

The Last of Us fan and cake decorator, shows us more of his incredible and almost disturbingly real-looking cake inspired by Clickers.

This Clicker cake was created by a The Final of Us fan, and professional cake decorator. Clickers are one of The last of Us’ special infected types. They are perhaps the most well-known enemies in the series. Over the years they have been the subject of many fan projects, some quite impressive and surprisingly realistic. Most of these were however not edible.

The Final of Us was launched as a PlayStation 3 Exclusive in 2013. It was followed by Part 2 in 2020. A remake is expected to launch in 2022. The Final of Us has an HBO adaptation just five episodes into its first season. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mutant Cordyceps parasitic fungus has infected humans and turned them into zombie-like creatures. Funny enough, the first time the fungus spores started infecting humans was through contaminated flour. This makes the clicker cakes strangely appropriate.

Ben Cullen, also known on Instagram as thebakeking, created a spectacular cake using The last of Us’ clickers. Cullen previously uploaded a video showing how he made an edible version of one of last of us‘s most horrifying monsters. Cullen posted a second video showing how he made the incredible pastry. It shows off its delicious interior and frightening exterior.

Cullen is seen theatrically slicing the Last of Us fanart into his head with a kitchen knife. Cullen then continues cutting a piece of artificial flesh and mushrooms. Cullen then holds up the Clicker wedge to show the multi-layered cake in its cranium. The Clicker wedge is then turned upside down by Cullen, so viewers can view the fine detail on the fungal flower and a portion of the Clicker’s jaw.

A person might not notice they were looking at a piece of cake until Cullen begins to cut it. It appears more like a Hollywood-quality face mask of one of The Last of Us_ Clickers rather than something someone might be able to eat. As most TikTok comments suggest, it’s an The Last of Us enthusiast who would put such an impressive cake in their mouth. It would be insulting to most cakes to do that, but in this case, it seems like the mission was accomplished.

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