The Rise of Pan: How Super Saiyan Transformation Could Redefine Dragon Ball Canon

Pan, Gohan’s 12-year-old daughter was introduced to the world in the last stages of Dragon Ball Z. She shares the headstrong personality of Videl her mother, and sneaks on board a spaceship accompanied by Goku’s (literally) revived son Trunks. Together they embark on a challenging journey to collect all the Black Star Dragon Balls found throughout the galaxy.

Pan is facing several tough situations with her opponents, including Goku and Trunks. However, her strength is not as great as those of her companions. This is evident in her lack of Super Saiyan transformation, even though her genetics allow her to do so. In the 64th World Martial Arts Tournament (the Tenka’ichi Budokai), an elderly Pan cheer for her grandson Goku Jr. is capable of achieving this coveted transformation even though he is not a direct descendant of Goku. But, here’s why Pan merits it.


Pan’s father has been synonymous with potential. His incredible feats in childhood made Gohan the most likely fighter to beat Goku. Although it didn’t happen, Pan seems to have his potential. In both Dragon Ball Z (her introduction) and Dragon Ball Super, she demonstrated that she can fly as a newborn. It’s easy to blame her Saiyan constitution, which is why she has a natural affinity for combat. However, Pan’s human ancestry is responsible for many of the qualities that make her such a high-potential prospect.

While Saiyans naturally love to fight Pan has a human side that complements this. Videl her mother was once quite a fierce fighter and never shied away if she had to. Videl suffered a severe beating from a minion Babidi. This individual was granted a supernatural ability increase through his affiliation with the Majin. Videl continued to fight even after suffering so much injury.

Videl had Spopovich in the ropes for most of their fight at the World Tournament. Spopovich would probably have killed Videl, but the fight drags on too long. Videl, exhausted, is beaten by Spopovich. Spopovich plays with Videl until Yamu his colleague in evil tells him that he should stop messing about. Videl and Gohan’s Saiyan blood and immense potential would create a Saiyan hybrid that is both more human than Saiyan. However, it will not be without its combat sense.

Pan’s exuberant personality, even though she is only half Saiyan makes it easier to harness her power. Piccolo Gohan’s teacher sees Pan’s potential and recognizes her potential. Young Pan can fly even at a young age. This is something Goku must have learned to do when he grew up.

Ancestry Dot Z

One thing that was controversial among many things in Dragon Ball GT was the final episode which described the 64th World Martial Arts Tournament at Age 889. Pan was born 110 years ago. An old Pan sits in the audience next to Vegeta Jr., clearly descended from Bulma. Vegeta Jr.’s opponent in the tournament is none other than Goku Jr., Pan’s great-great-grandchild (or just grandchild depending on which dub you’re asking). Vegeta Jr. is capable of turning into Super Saiyans. They do this during their bout.

If one takes Goku Jr. as Pan’s grandchild when calculating their composition, it would make sense that he is only the sixth-sixteenth Saiyan. Goku Jr.’s ability transforms into Super Saiyan could suggest that Saiyan genetics have an overtly dominant role, regardless of the human-Saiyan ratio. Mendelian genetics adds to the complexity of this story. Dominance denotes the existence and control over recessive genes and traits, which means Saiyan traits can choose or skip certain members. Goku’s ascension into Super Saiyan God required five righteous Saiyans. Pan was the last piece of the puzzle, even though he was unborn. This strengthens “Saiyandom” and the notion of genetic inheritance in Dragon Ball. It was however stated in the Daizenshu (official Dragon Ball guidebooks originally released in Japan) that any individual with less than 25% Saiyan heritage would not be eligible to assume the Super Saiyan transform.

Saiyan Enough

Pan’s enormous power as an infant/toddler combined with her strong genes and determined personality make it logical that she would have the ability to transform. With Gohan’s potential being passed to his child, the possibility of a Super Saiyan Pan opens up additional possibilities regarding the character’s significance in the story.

It takes a good teacher less than a day to transform Saiyans without an understanding of Super Saiyan transformation. However, a combatant surrounded by some of Universe 7’s most powerful fighters should still be able to perform the desired transformation. Pan will be successful if Goku Jr. can achieve the form despite his Saiyan heritage. It might take some motivation but she will be a great fighter and worthy of becoming Super Saiyan.

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