Black Clover Accused of Copying Naruto’s Sharingan by Fans

Naruto fans are horrified by new Black Clover images that show an eye pattern very similar to Sasuke’s Sharingan.

Black Clover is under attack by Naruto fans, who are accused of stealing ideas and designs from Masashikimoto’s beloved shonen.

Initially reported by Animation Senpai. A wave of plagiarism accusations followed when images from the latest chapter were posted online. One panel depicts a character who awakens a new power and displays a symbol with a comma in their eyes that closely matches Sasuke’s Sharingan. This image inspired numerous social media posts decrying Yuki Tabata, creator of Black Clover and his popular series.

Tabata was criticized for allegedly taking Naruto. Kishimoto fan online pointed out other instances in which Tabata appeared to have crossed the line between inspiration and theft. One Twitter user posted side-by-side photos from Naruto as well as Black Clover, which illustrate the close similarities between both mangas. He wrote: “I am utterly disappointing, Tabata. I should say capybara. This is because he keeps disrespecting Kishimoto.”

The Real-World History of the Tomoe

It’s important to remember that Sasuke didn’t invent the symbol in Sasuke’s Sharingan. Instead, the Tomoe is a Japanese mythological symbol that has been part of Japanese culture for thousands upon thousands of years. To defend Tabata, some Black Clover fanatics used this to their advantage. One shared a chart that contained the various Tomoe symbol symbols and noted that Sasuke was “literally Kurapika”, a character taken from Hunter and with similar motivations.

Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover Manga was published in Weekly Shonen Jump on February 15, 2015. It became a huge success with its readers. The 33 volumes are in over 18,000,000 copies worldwide as of November 20,22. Pierrot’s animated adaptation of the series was first shown in October 2017. It lasted 170 episodes and ended in March 2021. The first feature-length film in the franchise’s history, Black Clover, Sword of the Wizard King currently is in production. But, due to complications caused by the coronavirus, the original premiere date was moved back to June 16.

Naruto, as well as Black Clover, can both be found in English on VIZ Media.

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