One Piece: Jinbe Has Not Replaced Sanji as Part of the Monster Trio

Jinbe is the third most powerful crew member, according to Post-Wano bounties. This doesn’t mean that Jinbe has replaced Sanji in One Piece’s Monster Trio.

Since Luffy visited Fishman Island in 1995, One Piece lovers have been eagerly awaiting Jinbe’s arrival to the Straw Hats. Jinbe was finally made an official member of the crew by the “Wano Country” arch. He also displayed his strength as a former Warlord and the strongest Fishman. After the final battle, the Straw Hats’ new bounties became known. This essentially portrays them as elite pirates. Each Straw Hat pirate is strong as their crew, like a Yonko. Luffy and Zoro are first and second, respectively.

Jinbe takes Sanji’s position, despite him having the third-highest bounty in the crew. He isn’t hiding his sadness at being below Zoro, Jinbe — despite possessing a bounty of over 1 billion berries. One Piece‘s Monster Trio always included Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji because of their incredible strength and being the strongest members of the team. Jinbe is now the third-strongest, but it begs the question: is he the new Monster Trio member?

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Why does Jinbe have a higher bounty than Sanji?

A bounty is not a reliable way to measure someone’s strength in Two Piece. In the series, there are many instances where pirates defeat others with higher bounties. Luffy, a pirate who had 500 million berries before The “Whole Cake Island” was, defeats Kakakuri (a Yonko crew member with more than 1,000,000 berries).

A bounty, which is not only a measure of one’s strength but also a numerical value, measures the threat posed by a criminal. Jinbe is a former Warlord and his contribution to Summit War is undisputed. He saves Luffy, who Akainu so desperately wants to kill. Jinbe’s past reputation, as well as his membership in the Straw Hat Pirates — who openly declare war on the World Government –, makes him a serious threat to those on the side of the law.

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Why Jinbe hasn’t replaced Sanji in One Piece’s Monster Trio

Jinbe has a bounty now of 1.1 billion, while Sanji is at 1.032 trillion. The difference in the amount between the two isn’t significant enough to determine who is stronger. They seem to be almost equal at the moment. Looking back at the “Wano Country” arc, Sanji’s contribution is greater than Jinbe’s.

Jinbe is fighting against Who’s Who, a Tobi Roppo member, but Sanji defeats Queen. She is the second-strongest pirate of Kaido’s crew. One Piece fans have seen Sanji in the Monster Trio for over 25 years. Even though Jinbe is a favorite character, it would be uncomfortable to see him there. Sanji keeps his place in the Monster Trio. It’s easy to see how he’s awakening his genetic mutations and he may surpass Jinbe in this series’ Final Saga.

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