Super Mario Bros. Movie Drops Highly-Anticipated Final Trailer in Nintendo Direct

The final Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer sees Chris Pratt playing Mario and Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong getting prepared for their adventures.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has less than a week to go before its premiere. Nintendo shared its final trailer at the Mario Day Direct presentation. This film continues to impress fans.

While it’s not Mario’s next entry, Nintendo Switch owners have been anticipating it since Super Mario Odyssey. Illumination’s animated feature, Illumination, has gained a lot more respect for how the Mushroom Kingdom looks in each preview. And this teaser is no different. The excitement over this new Super Mario Bros. movie seems contagious. Even Pedro Pascal, TV’s biggest star, couldn’t resist taking up Mario last month when he hosted Friday Night Live.

Like the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailers before it, this one has comedy. However, a Luma starting with a very dark monologue from Luigi is something that neither Luigi nor the Penguin King could have foreseen. A proper 2D platforming section featuring Mario and Donkey Kong is present, where both can get authentic Mario power-ups. But, this new Rainbow Road scene is the star of the show. Mario can be seen channeling his inner Dominic Toretto.

There are plenty more Mario easter eggs than you can find here. Super Mario’s 64’smost famous melody is one of the most memorable, but it’s hard to beat the novelty of a fire DK. Aaron Horvath (the main voice cast) and Michael Jelenic (the directors) were all present at the presentation. It was not announced that any new Mario titles would be coming to the cinema, contrary to some rumors.

Let’s just say that, much like the video games, this short Super Mario Bros. adventure has very little to do with the story. The movie still retains enough of the beloved franchise’s vibrant charm that Nintendo players long for it to be on the big screen. However, the Super Mario movie may not be groundbreaking in its own right. Mario will rescue Princess Peach from Princess Luigi this time and the film’s directors have made her a powerful ally.

Chris Pratt’s voice acting has been the biggest problem this Super Mario Bros. film has. Nearly half a century later, many fans continue to express their dissatisfaction over this casting decision. If you love Charles Martinet, there’s still a surprise appearance to be discovered once the movie premieres.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to release on April 7, 2023.

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