Dragon Ball: How Yamcha Went From A Fearful Bandit To A Heroic Fighter

While Yamcha might be dismissed as a joke nowadays, the Wolf Fang Fist master enjoyed many memorable moments throughout Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball has a lot of memorable characters that viewers will be able to recall long after the series’ many anime adaptations. The Saiyans are the most prominent characters in this story. Their incredible transformations and many villains have made an impact on pop culture.

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Yamcha, a character from the show, has become somewhat of an embarrassment after being defeated multiple times. There are many highlights of the Wolf Fang Fist master in Dragon Ball. We’ll be highlighting the most noteworthy.

1 Overcoming His Fear of Women

Most people only know Yamcha because he is a ladies’ man from Dragon Ball Z. That is odd considering how he was introduced in Dragon Ball. Yamcha is about defeating Goku when he sees Bulma. He is very shy around women and runs away from the group.

After spending some time with Bulma, he overcomes this fear and becomes more comfortable around the women. It was this time with Bulma that allowed him to become a part of one of the most memorable relationships throughout the series.

2 His Tumultuous Relationship to Bulma

Through the Android Saga, Yamcha’s and Bulma’s relationship is key. It doesn’t matter how things turned out, there is no doubt that both characters loved one another, no matter how difficult it was at times.

Bulma and Yamcha’s on-and-off relationship was hilarious. They were criticized for their behavior but also had misunderstandings that led to splits. Some characters love that Bulma finally got married to Vegeta. But, many long-time fans of this series are still missing the rollercoaster ride between Bulma & Yamcha.

3 Forming a Long-Lasting Relationship With Tien

Tien appears initially as an antagonistic character that is quite cocky at the World Martial Arts Tournament. Although he beat Yamcha as well as Goku, Master Roshi’s wisdom helped Tien change his ways. He is now a valuable member of the group with Chiaotzu.

Tien then apologizes to Yamcha and decides that the hatchet will be buried for good. They become fast friends and this friendship lasts for the duration of the series.

4 Victims of a Self-Destructive Attack from A Saibaman

Yamcha’s decline from a strong character became a joke very early in Dragon Ball Z when Nappa landed on Earth. Goku was still coming home from training so it fell on the Z Warriors to hold off and stop the Saiyans from taking over Earth and obtaining the Dragon Balls for their evil purposes.

Vegeta and Nappa use Saibamen as a test of the Z Warriors’ strength to stop them from their tracks. Yamcha is bold enough to take out one of the henchmen. But Yamcha underestimates their power and ultimately succumbs to a self-destructive attack from one of the Saibamen. These weak creatures and Yamcha’s hilarious death pose have made this moment one of the most memorable in Dragon Ball history. This has forever cemented Yamcha as the weakest Z Warriors warrior.

After the Saiyan’s Heart Attack, 5 Take Goku To Kame House

Dragon Ball Z Yamcha has few shining moments in Dragon Ball Z . After being sucked dry, he becomes a punching machine and even gets impaled at the hands of Dr. Gero. is saved by Yamcha when Goku feels the debilitating effects of the heart virus, which Future Trunks warned him about.

Vegeta decides to fight Android 19 and Yamcha holds Goku in her arms as he flies to Kame House to assist him. Many argue that Goku could have died if Yamcha had not brought him back to safety and allowed him to take the medicine that saved his life.

Six Single-Handedly Winners In An Intergalactic Game Of Baseball

Dragon Ball Super put Yamcha even further away, making his participation in the main moments very passive. He does have his moments in the spotlight, however, when the show chose to take a more humorous approach with, the beloved baseball filler episodes, being a great spot for him to shine.

Although his baseball knowledge is invaluable, he makes it hilarious by winning the game for Universe 7. After Champa and Beerus destroy the ground, Yamcha makes a sacrifice and scores the winning run. Yamcha lies down in an old position to recall the time when he died from the self-destructive attacks of a Saibaman.

7 being snubbed from Universe 7’s team for the Tournament Of Power

Yamcha assumed that Goku would ask Yamcha to join his team when Goku decided to collect individuals to compete in the Tournament of Power. Yamcha realized he was way out of his depth so he tried to prepare his rejection speech in a cocky way.

It made things hilarious when Goku completely ignored Yamcha and didn’t even consider him an option. Yamcha’s misery was compounded when Krillin was chosen for the intergalactic tournament.

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