Uncovering the Secrets of One Piece: The Kozuki Clan’s Punishment of Zunesha Theory

Momonosuke’s ties to Zunesha suggest that there could be a connection between them and the Kozuki Clan of the Void Century.

One Piece‘s inexplicably elusive mysteries don’t let fans speculate on the result. Zunesha is a different mystery from the series and appears to have a relationship with Joy Boy. Joy Boy is a significant figure who lived in the Void Century. Zunesha who is unable to fend off Jack’s constant pursuit pleads for someone to be the one to command it to take on the Beast Pirates. The Beast Pirates seek to destroy Zunesha and eliminate the Mink tribe, a 2,000-year-old civilization. Jack is more than just a villain to ruin the nation and then returns to take down Zunesha and make every trace of the Mink tribe disappear.

More concerning is the fact that Zunesha, regardless of its size, doesn’t fight back against attackers. It was explained that Zunesha was convicted of a heinous crime, and has been unable to walk for a long time. It’s impossible to hear unless Luffy, Momonosuke, and Kozuki Ode. When Momonosuke grants permission, Zunesha responds and defeats Jack. The events that transpire after the incident suggest that Zunesha’s fate must be linked with the Kozuki Clan.

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What are the most important things Zunesha fans have learned so far?

Zunesha is a Naitamie Norida elephant. It is a species that is massive and whose legs extend to the sea floor. Zunesha is the only animal of this species to be seen so far. Zunesha has two knee joints as well as long legs. Zunesha’s extraordinary eyesight permits him to perceive distant objects and locations with the highest clarity. Contrary to his exceptional vision, Zunesha has small eyes with turquoise-ringed iris. While the irises are hard to discern because of the elephant’s sockets that are sunken, however, the connection between the eyes of Zunesha and the eyes of Mihawk or Imu is evident.

Zunesha’s skin is becoming extremely fragile because of its age. Jack can also inflict injuries on Zunesha’s legs with cannons because it’s so wrinkled. While it’s not clear whether this species is immortal but one thing is for certain elephants live over a thousand years. Zunesha has been a part of the Mink Tribe for more than 100 years. It is the longest-lived creature from the series, and its existence is longer than even the Void Century.

Zunesha is more than 35 kilometers high and is the largest character to be included in the show. Zunesha was a sea explorer for unknown reasons and was unable to walk unless he was permitted to. Following the time that Momonosuke gave Zunesha the right to engage under the “Zou” arch, Zunesha annihilates Jack and his entire fleet by throwing its massive trunk. Dr. Miyagi of the Mink Tribe is interested in knowing the exact location Zunesha is headed. He believes that Zunesha has been walking for ages with a goal in his head.

It also can communicate with people using the “Voice of All Things.” While the extent of the abilities of telepathy isn’t known however, it’s certainly wide given the fact that Zunesha can talk to Momonosuke in the “Wano Country”. Momonosuke says that Zunesha was Joy Boy’s comrade during the Void Century. Zunesha is still awed by Joy Boy to this day and expresses its nostalgic feelings once Luffy’s Devil Fruit has been awakened.

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What makes this theory appear plausible?

Luffy and Momonosuke can hear the voice of Zunesha amid Jack’s attack. Zunesha seeking permission to fight indicates that it doesn’t matter who grants it so long as she gets it. Momonosuke orders Zunesha to take on Momonosuke. Luffy, however, is trying to comprehend the whole thing. Zunesha is in Wano to assist the Kozuki family but is confronted by an enormous fleet of Marine battleships. Zunesha communicates through the Voice of All Things with Momonosuke to request permission to join the fight, and also to open the borders of Wano.

At Luffy’s Devil Fruit awakening, Zunesha announces the return of Joy Boy to her and states that Joy Boy is going to become the “Warrior of liberation.” Momonosuke and Zunesha continue to discuss Wano following Kaido’s loss. Shogun Zunesha, the young one suggests that this isn’t the time to expand Wano’s borders. Momonosuke agrees with Zunesha’s choice, and Zunesha departs from Wano and disappears into the fog. These scenarios could appear as if they are a random coincidence however Oda is well-known for her uniqueness and for not being redundant. Zunesha’s capacity to travel so far to the Kozuki family is proof of a previous relationship.

Zunesha However, it shows no animosity towards the person who took Zunesha to jail. Instead, it’s blamed for its crimes. Luffy as well as Momonosuke are the only ones to hear the voice of Zunesha. It’s quite amazing to find out that Momonosuke, Zunesha, and Luffy have an incredibly strong bond due to Luffy’s inability of communicating with Zunesha, the elephant. Luffy doesn’t even have the authority to make Zunesha fight and fight, which suggests that there could be more to the story than what is seen on the surface. While Zunesha believes in Luffy, as well as Joy Boy in Luffy, they haven’t yet met in a one-on-one manner. Due to the historical connections, Zunesha will likely serve the sentence on behalf of a member of the Kozuki Clan, specifically the chief of the clan.

It remains a mystery the reason Zunesha is heading towards a place and the destination is unknown. The purpose of the Void Century’s Kozuki Clan is still obscured by mystery. There is a possibility that the Kozuki Clan, which existed more than 800 years ago, believed that an important event could take place in the distant future. The result is the traces of glyphs that could be used to learn details about the past. Toki is so enthralled by the future that she travels back in time to view the future. It could be that the Kozuki Clan is responsible for Zunesha’s sentence. It makes it even more likely that they have a place to go and possibly a role in the future.

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