John Wick 4’s Post-Credits Scene Sets Up a Deadly Spinoff

After John Wick Chapter 4 of John Wick, There’s a disturbing post-credits scene that teases an additional terrifying revenge mission.

This is a spoiler-filled review of John Kane: Chapter 4. In theaters now

Chad Stahelski’s Johnwick: Chapter 4 unfolds, and Keanu Reeves’s assassin gets faced with the High Table’s anger for breaking the High Table’s Continental rules. He’s pursued by villains like Shamier Anderson’s Mr. Nobody and Donnie Yen’s Caine. Caine is the latest victim of a huge bounty. However, this time there’s an added twist.

Caine is pursuing his friend because the Marquis (Bill Skarsgard) has made it mandatory for Caine to accept the task. The child of the blind assassin, Mia will be killed if he doesn’t accept the job. Both John and Caine can escape their shackles after John Wick4. There’s a scene after the credits but it isn’t centered around John. It’s linked to Caine and causes a bloody conflict.

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John Wick 4’s Caine Broke Akira’s Family

John Wick4 Caine is forced to quit Mia due to his desire to get away from the life of an assassin. John is a bit smug about his previous troubles. To protect his daughter and himself, Caine pursues John. In addition, he takes out Hiroyuki Snada’s Koji in Osaka. When Caine takes over the Table’s Japan hotel the soldiers of the Table also injured Koji’s sexy girl, Akira (played in this scene by Rina Sawayama).

Caine doesn’t let her go alive, but he does remember his daughter. It’s not bitter, but it’s kindness. Caine even told her that he would meet her shortly. After the unintentional killing, Caine can tell the retribution coming. Akira informs John that If John does not kill Caine in the future, it will be because she does not have the camaraderie or codes that these men shared many years ago.

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John Wick 4’s post-credits teases Akira’s Revenge

Akira’s fury is brought full circle In John Wick4‘s post-credit infuriating clip, where Caine is shown trying to present flowers to Mia who is playing the violin in public. Akira is keen to form a bond with her, but the video shows him wearing a hood, and then cleverly blending into the scene, then attempting to stab her with knives. The clip concludes with a fierce rivalry. The story is about tragedy and loss and echoes John’s wife’s tragic death, however this time, it’s an innocent girl who’s robbed by her devoted father who is heroic.

It’s unfair to Akira however, it’s the result of John getting help from Koji. Koji advised him of this. Koji, however, was stubborn and rejected Caine’s suggestion of leaving the fight. Akira does not care about the situation and she is just looking for revenge. Akira can make use of her archery skills as well as knives to kill Caine. This could result in Mia being able to follow her, reminding viewers of the vicious cycle of violence that exists in the world. Two young women motivated by revenge may provide a feminist perspective to the Johnwick series, and fans will be amazed by what Mia can accomplish.

You can use Caine to benefit yourself. This can aid Akira to get rid of the High Table. Koji’s infringement of the rules led to the High Table looking for Akira who was the concierge, into its eye. Caine could be driven by guilt and try to accomplish the same thing John did to the council before Akira and he settled their differences. This would be an ode to John Wik 4 with John’s assistance to finish their struggle for freedom from the Table. Caine could make use of this opportunity to get rid of the secret society that will always be watching Mia John and Mia and fight one last time which will see him and Akira determine who will get the best ending.

Check out Akira’s story on John Wick: Chapter 4. In theaters now.

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