The Walking Dead Cosplayer Becomes Daryl With an Eerie Norman Reedus Mask

The costume of The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon showcases a fan’s ability to make masks through an creepy Norman Reedus mask.

A skilled fan has captured the look of Norman Reedus, star of The Walking Dead in a series of pictures wearing a terrifyingly real mask.

The actor was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and a leather vest and the iconic costume of the character. The costume also comes with an authentic crossbow that is akin to the weapon Daryl used from the original show. The cosplayer plans to wear the Reedus mask to portray Sam Porter Bridges in the well-known video game Death Strangling.

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Daryl Dixon’s French Connection

Reedus is preparing to take on the role of Daryl Dixon after The Walking Dead concluded its 11-season run in the month of November. The long-running horror show, produced by AMC is continuing production in France. Scott M. Gimple, Angela and their team have been tapped as co-creators, co-executive producers and the creators of the show. Clemence Clemence Poesy and Adam Nagaitis will be with him as female leading character Isabelle and nightclub proprietor Quinn. The first images from Daryl Dixon offered viewers the first look at Poesy as Isabelle. They also revealed the role she plays in Daryl’s new storyline.

The Walking Dead : Daryl Dixon features Daryl in a completely new setting in which he’s lost in France and is unsure of how the hell he ended up there. Reedus has previously revealed in an interview that his show would restart The Walking Dead franchise. Reedus said that “You learn a lot when you run the show for twelve years. There are certain paths one has to take due to the huge number of actors.” “We do not have that. “It’s an opportunity to start afresh for us, with all of the things we loved doing and more.”

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The Walking Dead Expands its Universe

AMC also has two additional Walking Dead Spinoffs that also include fans’ favorites from the original series. The Walking Dead : Dead City, which will debut in June 2023, before Daryl Dixon debuts in the summer of 2023 and will begin an entirely new chapter in the growing universe of the series. The spinoff that will bring back Lauren Cohan as well as Jeffrey Dean Morgan revolves around the unlikely duo of Maggie and Negan in their dangerous journey to post-apocalyptic Manhattan. The Walking Dead will bring back the much-anticipated reunion of Rick Grimes with Michonne, in 2024. The show is not yet titled and will feature Andrew Lincoln and Danai Guarira.

Gimple said that, in addition to the three new shows, work has already started on other Walking Dead for the next phase of the series. Gimple said that this year, “we’re focusing on classic character shows. We’re finishing up the spinoff showcalled Fear the Walking Dead.” There are also other projects in the pipeline. “We’re making preparations for the next stage.”

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