Anime Convention Bans Non-Manga Character Cosplays

Neo Anime Oasis, a convention that is located in Boise in Idaho, has a strict dress code that prohibits costumes with no manga or anime and is often the target of criticism from its supporters.

Neo Anime Oasis 02 is one of the strictest fashion codes for anime fans will encounter.

In the lead-up to its debut in June 2023 The Boise, Idaho convention updated its website with a statement that stated that it follows a strict policy regarding costumes that do not directly reference Japanese manga, anime, and games. The convention emphasized that it is not an event based on pop culture and, therefore it will be implementing an official dress code for halls that does not allow costumes that do not “fit the overall theme of the event.” The convention later claimed that the idea behind the policy was to create a more intimate environment and advised prospective attendees to search for other events with more range if they were looking for something more encompassing.

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Neo Anime Oasis was immediately criticized by fans of anime for its new rules. Many pointed to the tone of the site as an issue. The Anime News Network’s Mike Toole said that it appeared as if the writer was thrown into an argument, and the Anime Herald’s Samantha Ferreira described the convention as “an extremely joyful event.” Neo Anime Oasis removed much of the content on its website. It removed all mention of dressing codes, and substituted it with the words “for those who love anime and are looking to get involved in anime-related activities.”

Spy x Family Group cosplay channel Anya’s ditzy character

Anime Community Reacts to Restrictions

Neo Anime Oasis has not been the only anime convention to be criticized however their rules are one of the most stringent ever. Cosplay, though it’s an art form lets people be creative and unique. The “festival theme” at Neo Anime Oasis is an excellent illustration of how this part of the fan’s experience may be limited. This could be the reason for the rage in the community of anime.

Neo Anime Oasis: 02 will take place between June 23 and 25 at the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise as well as at the Idaho Central Arena.

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