Apex Legends Addresses Early Leaver Problem in Team Deathmatch with New Hotfix

Respawn Entertainment issues a hotfix, Apex Legends, to address the problems caused by early leavers in Team Deathmatch LTM.

Respawn Entertainment has released a hotfix that will fix Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends. The LTM patch was released after players discovered an issue with early quitters. While Team Deathmatch was to have been a highlight of the Season 16 Apex Legends launch, many players find it disappointing.

Numerous players have used social media to vent their frustrations about the LTM released in Apex Legends. Nobat211 said they had played several matches where players would leave their team when they lost. As their Reddit posting has received over 6K upvotes, this was just one example. For many Apex Legends players early leavers ruin the enjoyment and slow down the pace of what is supposed to be a chaotic LTM. The problem is that players discovered that matches can continue even if one of the teams leaves early.

Respawn Entertainment has released a hotfix to improve team deathmatch in Apex Legends. The LTM games felt too lengthy, so they were shortened to one round. The number of kills needed to win the single-round game mode, which has a reduced number of rounds to account for this change has been increased to 50 from 30. The UI mustn’t accurately reflect the decreased number of rounds.

It will be interesting how Team Deathmatch moves forward with this change. It might not be enough to stop more players from leaving. Respawn indicated that additional changes to this game mode were being made. According to the tweet by the developer, the future quality-of-life improvements will include the elimination of matches in which one team leaves and the introduction of a penalty for leaving early. This would be similar to the Control.

As season 16 of Apex Legends’ marketing has suggested, the Team Deathmatch mode in Apex Legends was one of this update’s key highlights. This was especially true since this is the first season that launches without a Legend. Unfortunately, many players were frustrated by the early leavers in LTM. This was especially true since this mode has been long desired. Respawn Entertainment should be able to make the necessary adjustments to Team Deathmatch in response to community feedback to ensure that it is everything that fans want.

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