Vintage Nintendo Photo Surfaces from 1999, Depicting Real-Life Wrestling Match Between Mario and Pikachu

Fans and archivists find bizarre photos from a 1999 Nintendo event, showing Mario, Pikachu, and others in a wrestling match.

A series of bizarre photos from 1999 host a real-life wrestling match featuring Mario and Pikachu. It was believed to have been an event to promote the Super Smash Bros which was published the same year. Thanks to a wiki site for archiving lost media, photos and details about the wrestling match are now being circulated.

1999 Super Smash Bros was an arcade fighting game for the Nintendo 64 that featured different characters from Nintendo games. There were many sequels to the game over the years. The most recent was 2018’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This has more than 70 characters including Xenoblade Chronicles2’s Pyra and Mythra.

Smash Bros was a beat ’em, so Nintendo organized a live wrestling show with the mascots Pikachu Mario and Donkey Kong. The event also featured a referee. The official information and photos from the event are not available to the public. However, Lost Media Wiki (LMW), fans, and archivists managed to find out more. The 1999 Nintendo event, called Slamfest ‘99, was a promotional event for Super Smash Bros. The event took place at the MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The match lasted 17 minutes and was live-streamed by Real Player G2. Unfortunately, no clips are available online. However, YouTube commentary videos on the subject do exist. LMW discovered images by Ed Espinoza that were uploaded to Zelda 64 Planet.

LMW’s comment section shows that some fans are helping to find out more about Slamfest ’99. One user pointed out that KCL Productions manufactured the costumes. Many seem to be focusing on official footage of the match, which lasted 17 minutes.

Nintendo hasn’t organized an event in which Super Smash Brosmascots are able to wrestle each other. However, there are still exciting events like competitive esports tournaments. Slamfest ’99 is being rediscovered on the internet. The video game company may consider bringing Slamfest again in some way. Perhaps when the next Super Smash Bros game releases or a future Nintendo Direct.

At the moment, players are enjoying Super Smash Bros Ultimate in a variety of ways.

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